The Abyss is looking for all things dark.
We take Poetry ,Visual Art , Short stories including any genre as long as the work is dark we will consider it.

For Poetry . Please send up to four poems any style I prefer word doc form include a short bio and authors pic no restrictions the work can be humorous as well as long as it's dark humor it's going to get a fair shake from me .

Short Stories.  We will except Horror, Noir, Fiction , Western as long as it's dark in nature it is fine with me. Please limit to two writes at a time include bio and authors pic .

Visual Art . No restrictions just keep in mind this is not a porn site but I damn sure want work with a edge Please send a short bio and authors pic .

Are response time is fast I regret to say we are not a paying publication .

And I have to say this again I truly do not care what genre the work is as long as it is dark in it's nature for there is beauty in the dark as well as light.
Humor is fine The Abyss is a open minded publication .

That said if you want to send me heart warming stories about flowers and  grandma we are  probably not the publication for you.

Please send all submissions to

I look forward to reading your reading your work.


Editor and chief.

John Patrick Robbins

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